30 Day Fitness Challenge - January 2022

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Welcome to your 30 day fitness challenge! My name is Dale and I am here to guide you through the challenge this January.

What you will need:

  • Water

  • Medium space to perform exercises

  • 1 kettlebell or 2 Dumbbells

  • Step (stair step can be used)

  • Ventilation

Lets get jump straight in!

Day 1 - Squats


  • Hold stretch for 30 seconds in total.

  • Move into the stretch every 10 seconds or when you feel the stretch ease.


Hold the knee close to your other knee and pull gently on your foot till you feel the stretch. Perform this stretch at the beginning and end of the work!


  • Perform 30 squats

  • 2 sets

  • 30 sec rest between exercises


Bend your knees and hips, sticking your bum out and keeping your body upright.

Transfer the weight onto your heels and drive up through your heals.


  • Perform 20 lunges each leg

  • 2 sets

  • 30 sec rest between exercises


Lunge your body forward ensuring both feet are facing forward. The rear knee should not touch the floor and the forward knee must not come past the toes. Keep your body upright facing forward throughout.

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